STYLE: CCM Alternative Metal / Hard Rock

PROFILE: As the group approaches their third full year working together in music ministry, NailDriven continues to set its collective eyes to the sky in the march through the year of 2012. Their work on the upcoming album, “As Long As We’re Here,” has brought the members closer together both musically and spiritually, as each track on the album explores their conceptions of purpose, power, and faith in love and in Christ. 

On stage, NailDriven’s four members dedicate themselves to being set aflame for the duration of the night. If the set is twenty-five minutes or an hour and fifteen, a crowd of two or two-thousand, a friend’s living-room or a full-out venue, the mindset remains the same: burn for every last second, reach out to every heart present, and see the place filled with what comes when two or three gather together in agreement and unity. In this, the band is 100% dedicated to complete, unrestrained worship through their instruments and voices lifted high to the One who gave it all to them. Any live show with NailDriven is sure to feature an aural assault musically as well as a message that will challenge and build up those willing to lend their ear to the group. 

The group’s sound carries in a wide variety of influences spanning multiple genres. Songs like “When Candles Meet A Flamethrower,” a collision of brutal guitar riffs, smashing blast beats/double bass, and bestial screams, stand alongside pieces like “Dreaming Again,” where the screams and thrashes give way to unabashed worship. NailDriven’s sound has had them sharing the stage with Blues, Rock and Hard Rock groups like Seventh Day Slumber, Chicago Winter, and 7eventh Time Down just as often as it has placed them in the pit with Metal, Hardcore, Screamo, and Metalcore groups such as Spoken and Before There Was Rosalyn. 

Offstage, the reverberations of the speakers may still be ringing in their ears, but the good news remains on these musicians’ hearts. With the release of the new album coming ever closer, the group is always eager to share new developments online as well as with audience members after a finished set, and the guys are happy to be there for people who have questions or need someone to talk to in times of struggle and hardship.



– As Long As We’re Here [2012]

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