Country Finland

Style Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Profile Kotiteollisuus is a Finnish hard rock/heavy metal band that was formed in 1991 in Lappeenranta. The band released its first demo tape in 1993 under the name “Hullu ukko ja Kotiteollisuus” (“Crazy Old Man and Home Industry”). The shortened name and current line-up was established in 1997.

Kotiteollisuus is said to combine “furious heavy metal with Finnish sullenness”. Subjects frequently touched upon in songs are the current state of the nation, religion and mankind in general. The band members have become known for their outspokenness during interviews and shows. Especially guitarist-vocalist Jouni Hynynen is known for insulting and commenting on the audience during live shows.

Kotiteollisuus is undoubtedly one of the most popular metal bands in Finland, having produced one platinum and several gold-selling albums and winning Emma-awards in 2003 and 2005 for best metal record (Helvetistä itään) and best DVD (Kotiteollisuus DVD) respectively.

Tuomas Holopainen of the famous Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish has played guest keyboards on the band’s three latest albums as well as during several live gigs whenever he hasn’t been too busy with his other projects, mainly Nightwish.

– Hullu ukko ja kotiteollisuus [1996]
– Aamen [1998]
– Eevan perintö [1999]
– Tomusta ja tuhkasta [2000]
– Kuolleen kukan nimi [2002]
– Helvetistä itään [2003]
– 7 [2005]
– Iankaikkinen [2006]
– Sotakoira [2007]
– Ukonhauta [2009]
– Kotiteollisuus [2011]
– Sotakoira II [2012]

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