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STYLE: Hard Rock

PROFILE: Once upon a time in a land far up north on the european continent a bit after the dinosaurs had seized to exist, there were four guys who came up with a brilliant idea that they should join together and stand against all evil in the world. The weapons of choice were an old repainted trash guitar and a drum kit with skins made of ductape.

At first they seemed to have a little upper hand but the mighty battle was lost because of the poor choice of armory. The fight did strike hard against the band and two members made reservations to their almighty creator sooner than expected. For the remaining warriors it was a long way back. They were now without two brothers and being severely wounded, the only rescue they could hope for was that      Kôrv-Gôran would take them under his arms so they could regain their strength. Years passed and there was no one that heard about what happened to the two members and rumors started to grow that they were so severely wounded that they were unable to find replacement for the two lost brothers and stand united again.

But then some 13 years after the mighty battle that cost them brutal damage, two new members emerged and INZOULE stood united and stronger than ever before. Now they were four guys who only had one thing on their mind and that was to stand on the top of the world.


– VIE [2012]

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