STYLE: Progressive Rock

PROFILE: Harvest is a Catalan-Dutch band which is the result of the passion for music that Monique Van der Kolk, Jordi Amela, Jordi Prats, Roger Vilageliu and Alex Ojea have shared since meeting on previous projects. Our individual and joint musical influences (mainly prog rock and indie rock) have resulted in an unconventional, unique and emotion-packed sound.

The story of Harvest started back in February 2008 when the three original members of the band (Monique, Jordi Amela and Jordi Prats) started shaping up the project. It was really exciting to find common ground in such a natural way: the first songs took shape rapidly, and a few months later we recorded a demo with six tracks which would be the embryo of our first studio album, Underground Community.

In November 2008, Roger and Alex finally came on board so Harvest went from a project to a fully-fledged band. With a demo out on the streets and a meticulously-crafted live sound, we started performing our first live concerts in 2009 (with a

special mention for our performance as warm-up band for the British group Marillion at the Sant Jordi Club in February 2009), and also working on recording the album.

Underground Community was released in December 2009 and immediately got an enthusiastic response from both the media and indie and prog-rock forums. After a few months of promoting the album ourselves (as it was self-produced), in May 2010 we launched it officially at a live concert in the Bikini club in Barcelona that was a resounding success in every respect.

Chasing Time is the title of the band’s new album. Two years of composing and producing have lead to a very special CD that also counts with two very special guests. Both Alan Reed (ex Pallas and Abel Ganz) and Steven Rothery (Marillion)have collaborated each on a track. This album has 10 tracks which have been mixed and mastered at the prestigious Aurha studios in Barcelona.

Once again, Antonio Seijas took charge of the artwork. He also designed artwork for bands such as Gazpacho, Marillion and The Wishing Tree. The artist and photographer Tau, from Barcelona, made the pictures of the band.


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                                                           Underground Community [2009]     Chasing Time [2012]

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