Fair Of Freaks



STYLE: Hard Rock

PROFILE: The melodies of Def Leppard meets Simon & Garfunkel. The power of Ozzy listens to Thin Lizzy. The skills of Van Halen mixed with Rush. The concept of…Fair of Freaks! All started in ’08 as a Van Halen tribute band. Soon original song were written and the name Mach was chosen as a band name but were changed to Fair of Freaks.

2012, Fair of Freaks consists of guitarist Lars Boquist (ex Pole Position, ex Reptilian, ex Neondaze), drummer Hampus Landin (ex Miss Behaviour, ex Taiga, ex Neondaze), vocalist Sean Sanders and bassplayer Oscar Jonas. “The More I Want” is their first CD and their concept is to have high catchiness without losing the power. High song quality, strong melodies but with rich of rawness, flashy guitars with a lot of groove. The album is recorded and produced by Fair of Freaks and mixed by Magnus Jonsson at Milk Studios, Norrköping, Sweden.

Guitarist Lars Boquist was featured in American magazine Guitar Player. He’s recorded two cd’s with Pole Position, two with Reptilian and one with Neondaze.
Drummer Hampus Landin was in and started up the bands Miss Behaviour and Taiga.
Singer Sean Sanders was in different cover bands.
Bass player Oscar Jonas was in different metal bands in Norrköping.

The More I Want … [2012]

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