Country Canada

Style Alternative Rock/Hard Rock

Profile Stephanie, as the lead singer, shapes the characteristic sound of the band with her unique, powerful and energetic voice, her gentle head voice as well as her shouting and screaming qualities, her dirtiness and at the same time vulnerability. So many different facets are rarely found all rolled into one delicate, petite person like Stephanie, who grew up in El Paso, Texas.

The instrumental foundation carrying her is a tight and equally energetic classic rock combo with two guitars, bass and drums. Recognizable riffs and dancible beats immediately have you soaked into the energy created by these highly electrified rockers. Call it old school, but to an equal measure you will find it fresh. Somehow it seems hard to break it down and distinctively name their style. But in the end you’ll simply listen to well-rounded, homogeneous and authentic pieces of music. So Crutch agreed on just calling it one thing: rock.

The urge to escape the common clutter of genres inspired the band to title their debut – EP ‘Back to Instincts’. To emphasize the subject, they reduced the cover artwork to a rather ambiguous, suggestive and eye catching close up of Stephanie’s drooling mouth. The EP was recorded in Stockholm/Sweden by a young and ambitious, uprising producer team called Radionika, to make sure they would get the international sound they were looking for.



– Back to Instincts [2012]



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