Crushing Ground

Country USA

Style Hard Rock/Blues Rock

Profile Crushing Ground has been around in various forms since 1997. Dissolving into a 3-piece with two other players, then having one of them leave, they were forced to replace him and then eventually the other. Crushing Ground plays everything from blues to progressive music, all with the hooks and chops you’d expect from a national band. Influenced by classic artists such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden, Crushing Ground carries this artistic approach into the modern age.

The band has had two recent lineup changes; Keith Uram, on bass and Josh Walters (formerly of The Juliana Theory) on the drums. Together, they have really completed the evolution of Crushing Ground, a band that has finally grown into it’s name. The new music, currently being tracked for the second disc, has a deeper concentration on dynamics, mood and impact. .. In an age when a lot of bands rely too heavily on technology in the studio, this band proves itself live. Catch one show and you’ll know that CG is the real deal.

– Zero [2001]
– Rite of Passage [2012]

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