Crucified Barbara


STYLE: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

PROFILE: Hailing from Stockholm, the story of Crucified Barbara began in 1995 when Ida Evileye and Klara Force began to play together. Shorty thereafter Joey Nine joined them as the lead singer. In 1998 the band was officially formed after recruiting drummer Nicki Wicked, whom they had seen walking around town with some drum sticks and looking cool. The band got its name from a crucified blow up doll at the Roskilde Festival. From start, the band’s sound was more dirty and heavy Punk Rock with tons of attitude. Crucified Barbara began to play live and made a noteworthy appearance at the Hultsfred Demo Scene 2000.

In 2001 Mia Madcrap joined the band as lead guitarist, bringing a heavier influence to the music. They then started to re-arrange some older songs and begin working on some fresh material. In September 2001 the band played at a rock club called Siren, located on a boat in the south of Stockholm. By coincidence a Warner/Chappell employee was there to DJ, since his friend owned the club. Spotting potential in Crucified Barbara, he duly contacted them after the show, and some months later they set to work together to find a record deal. During this time they recorded three demos, one of them with Conny Bloom of Hanoi Rocks and Electric Boys as a producer.

The next few years the band gigged extensively all around Sweden. Some labels showed interest in the band but didn’t seem fully convinced. By 2003 GMR Music Group had approached Crucified Barbara about the possibility of a record deal. Around this same time there was some inner turmoil within the band which resulted in the departure of lead singer Joey Nine. After about a month of seeking a new singer, Mia Madcrap gave the microphone a try and it all worked out perfectly.

The debut album ‘In Distortion We Trust’ is released in January 2005. Crucified Barbara start the year by supporting PAIN on the Swedish tour. In May they tour France and release the single ‘Rock’n’Roll Bachelor’ with a home made video. The year was dedicated to promoting the album by playing live, promotional tours and undertaking a wealth of TV and radio appearances. Appearances at the Sweden Rock Festival, Download Festival in the UK, further gigs in France, Belgium, Denmark plus extensive road work at clubs and festivals in Sweden spread the name and reputation of Crucified Barbara as a heavy and respected live act. By the end of the year, before taking a little break, the band participated on a Motorhead tribute album called ‘St Valentines Day Massacre’, released by French label Bad Reputation. The track ‘Killed By Death’ was included along with ‘Please Don’t Touch’, together with American Dog.

Crucified Barbara opened for Backyard Babies UK shows in August 2008. The band released a new single, ‘Sex Action’, on 15th October via GMR Music. The group’s second full-length album, ‘Til Death Do Us Party’ followed on 19th November. These sessions were produced by Mats Levén, better known as the vocalist for such acts as Therion, Yngwie Malmsteen, Krux, Treat, At Vance and Abstrakt Ajgebra.

Crucified Barbara really knows how to rock and have released a really intense heavy rock album with “The Midnight Chase”, released in 2012. The third band’s album kicks ass from the get-go with opening track The Crucifer – laden with the bands trademark trashy, punk-edged rock ‘n’roll, Mia’s smoky, gravel-voiced vocal and infectious choruses. Crucified Barbara is a crew of hot young Swedish musicians who doesn’t try to break any boundaries, just rock hard, with passion and attitude.

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– In Distortion We Trust [2005]
– ‘Til death do us party [2009]
– The Midnight Chase [2012]

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