Country Finland

Style Hard Rock/Melodic Heavy Metal

Profile CONQUEST is a band from Finland which straight hard rock, or melodic metal with influences from old legends like Deep Purple. Some songs even have a slight prog influence. It’s very guitar-based although pretty vocal oriented as well with vocalist Peter James Goodman having an excellent powerful voice coming off as a blend of Jeff Scott Soto and Graham Bonnett. As mentioned, the songs are very guitar-based, yet with some great varied keys by Pate Kivinen and playful drums by Tuomo Lassila.

Their one and only release is album: “Worlds apart” -released in 1999 by Escape Music Ltd. The band split -up in 2002 and reunited in 2011 with new line up and a new record titled “”The Harvest”, ready to rock you for one more time…


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– Worlds Apart [1999]
– The Harvest [2012]



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