Circle Of Light



STYLE Hard Rock

PROFILE The original, ’80s pre-record deal lineup of Lillian Axe, featuring Steve Blaze , Danny King , Johnny Vines  and Michael Maxx  have come together to release a CD aptly entitled “Rebirth” as the band CIRCLE OF LIGHT.

“Circle of Light”,the light of our inner self,the light of music,.The concept of this band is to give the listener some way of inner warmth and hope,with all the violence and truth of life. !We created a new wave of postrock with real songstructures and progressive lines. All began in January 09 Kris Eder had the concept and idea of this band and also produce the music. The idea was to create music where you can get lost,mixed with drowning heavy riffs.Also progressive vibes and odd meter parts are included in the music of Circle of Light. 


-Rebirth [2012]

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