Chasing Blue Sky



STYLE: Hard Rock

PROFILE: ‘Chasing Blue Sky’ is an eclectic group of guys that all hail from the shroom covered mountains of Colorado. Made up of two sets of brothers, and another considered a brother, this 5 piece ensemble have discovered a sound so unique, the masses will take notice. Blending many different musical styling’s along with searing harmonies, CBS deliver original music with a sound that is all their own. (HYBRID ROCK) Adding rock solid timing, and a vintage feel for drum legends of old, John Cleaton plays the timekeeper and percussion mystic. Keeping the bass line intertwined with the beat, and enchanting the listener like a snake charmer, Wade Cleaton is a top shelf player. John Gaster and his ‘flying guitar’ licks deliver the back-bone blow that lends to the CBS signature sound.

Shawn Fallahi and his distortion guitar grabs hold of the music to give it an edge. Scott Gaster’s acoustic guitar expressions weave the last piece of fabric that rounds out the ‘being’ of Chasing Blue Sky. Vocally, John Gaster and Scott Gaster tell the stories with melodic prowess and harmonic tones. The band members making up Chasing Blue Sky, are not new to the music scene. . . collectively, they have played in some of Colorado Springs most popular bands in recent years. Bands like ‘Leaving the Trees’, ‘Electric Mushroom’, ’13th Parallel’ and ‘Mystic Rose’ are just a few of the high powered groups that have graced some of most elite venues in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Tennesee and New Mexico.



Chasing Blue Sky [2012]

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