Addiction For Destruction

Country Russia

Style Sleaze/Hard Rock

Profile Addiction For Destruction – sleaze/hard-rock band, started in June’2010 in Moscow by bass-player D. McKay and drummer Antony Nabo, both had a big experience in different local punk & metal bands for the moment. At the same time singer Tom Spice and his classmate Danny, as a guitarist, joined A.F.D. after theirs previous band has broke up. Influenced by Los Angeles sleaze/glam bands from late 80th and Scandinavian sleaze from 2000th, they made a perfect cocktail using the best rock-n-roll ingredients. Immediately they started to play club shows and in a short period of time A.F.D. became a premier sleaze band on local scene. Right after New Year holidays’2010 released debut s/t EP on their official myspace-page. 4 self-written songs form this record caused serious resonance in Russian rock community, which strengthened the bands status. 

In 2011 Addiction For Destruction, after replacing Antony Nabo, with Krock on the drums, consistently performed in Moscow clubs and made successful tour over Russia and Ukraine. In December 2011 band releases their debut video “Feelin’ Fine”, which became the first real hit for the guys and raised bands positions as a strong and serious song-writers. “Feelin’ Fine” was released as a CD single on a small independent label in December 2011, disk included self titled song + demo version of “On my Needle” song + “Feelin’ Fine” video. CD was sold all over the world, from Finland to Australia. 

Also in October 2011 A.F.D. started to record their debut album, which lasted till June 2012. During recording process band continued live activity, until guitarist Danny quit the band in March 2012, but work continued. Now album “Neon Light Resurrection” is done, band signed deals for album release all over the world, actively rehearsing with a new guitarist (he is from Denmark – A.F.D. became an international band) and ready to go on tour. Train keeps rollin’!

– Neon Light Resurrection [2012]

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