Country Germany

Style Hard Rock

Profile What to do if you have a head full of music? Sure musicians looking dealing well to the music let out and to be heard. This happened in 2008. Polle (guit.), a brilliant songwriter and guitar player for 8 years seeks and finds Carsten (bass). Carsten, who was given the completely new task, to pluck the bass. At the same time comes “Mac” (drums) joined the band. For Mac, the drums is a whole new task. Quickly an exercise room was found. Thanks again to the “dance floor shakers” which we have in her room can rehearse. A band name must be found.

The trio called “Fragglezzz” The music: punk. The first pieces are written. It is hard work and you realize you want! Much more! Fragglezzz play just a live gig and the working pressure requires a reshuffle. Meanwhile moved to a room in ORWO in Berlin, there is the chance the “Rail” (drums), who played for many years with countless bands and still drums, helping out a few times as a substitute for Mac. The spark jumps over immediately. In January 2010, the band is complete. New cast, new music, new room, new band name. Everything will be different.

You want to work professionally. Band Name: “2Ugly2die” The people working in ORWO house in the former exercise room of the band “The Happy.” Followed in October the first recordings in the “Hidden Planet Studio Berlin”. End of 2010 are written 1 1/2 hours of programming. 


– Tiefenrausch [2012]

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