Masterpeace – Masterpeace [1993]

PhotobucketCOUNTRY: USA          STYLE: Hard Rock

RATING: 76/100

Dave Blackmon – Vocals, Keyboards, David Smith – Drums, Vocals, John Carr – Bass, Vocals, Kevin Slate – Guitars, Vocals, Michael Smith – Guitars, Vocals

01. Beware Of The Blind (4:51), 02. Barroom Bruiser (2:57), 03. Sister Justice (4:19), 04. Love Thy Brother (5:06), 05. There’s Been A Change (5:05), 06. Spirits Of The Night (5:06), 07. Take A Ride (3:27)


Atlanta,Georgia,US rock band that toured relentlessly up and down the East Coast for Showtime/CMC Entertainment during a two year period in the early 90’s. Known for their large production and high energy live shows, the band appeared on TV and radio on several occasions and in 1993 they released the one and only album, characterized from killer vocals, solid hooks and top notch musician encompass…


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