Malicious – 4243 Fremont [1994]

Country USA          

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 77/100

Band Members Dan Wallin – Bass, Jimmy Cassidy – Guitar, Paul Petrick – Vocals, Zane Petersen – Drums

Tracks 01. To Whom It May Concern (5:00), 02. Grievin’ Believin’ (4:00), 03. Pleasure & Pain (3:30), 04. Live Fast (3:39), 05. Silent Screams (5:21), 06. The Life I Live (3:53), 07. Slippin’ Away (3:51), 08. Whipped (3:17), 09. Do As I Please (3:47), 10. Road To Ruin (4:57)

Profile Malicious formed in Minneapolis 1993 released three albums before they slpit-up. Malicious was a non-prototypical and its mold broke after its build. What makes this so spectacular is the band’s writing and the guys who made up this rock solid outfit. From Paul’s amazing L.A. presents tongue-n-cheek lyrics, to an exceptional blend of Jim’s crunch and intellectually filled guitar playing, the final document is an impressive hard-to-find 90’s blend of ballistic hair-metal.

Malicious started out at 4243 Fremont Avenue in Minneapolis around 1993. The release features Jimmy Cassidy on all guitars, Paul Petrick on the vocals and Zane Petersen on drumz. This was the core of Malicious for their 7-years in business. Every release they did containing a different guest bass player. With nightly performances starting from “Trixter” to “Yngwie Malmsteen”, it really all ended with their Target Center arena headliner for “Queensryche” on June 17th, 1997. The group was an amazing composite in a time where rock started to lose direction. YES, the Seattle degradation was an impact for everything killer in the rock and metal world, especially during the prime of Malicious.

If you dig “Dangerous Toys”, “Spread Eagle” or “Sebastian Bach”, then you’ll drool over Malicious! Their first album released in only 200 cassettes.

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Malicious - 4243 Fremont [1994], 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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