Magenda – Gambler [1990]

Magenda - GamblerCountry Japan          Style Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members
Miho “Joney Bee” Yamada – Vocals, Yoshie “Yoch” Shigeto – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, Yumi Tatsube – Bass, Naomi “Nao” Ihara – Drums

01. Blue Jeans Lady [05:08], 02. Don’t Tell Good-Bye [03:21], 03. Baby! Baby! No Stop! [03:24], 04. Gambler [03:46], 05. Good Time Bed Time [04:00], 06. South Peggy [03:02]

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Profile Magenda is an all-female Japanese hard rock band from Tokyo formed in 1986. The music of Magenda could be described as a catchy style of rock with references to bands like KISS, Bon Jovi, Suzi Quatro, Girlschool, or Runaways. The music is a rough diamond in the world of no-hopers that launch themselves as the next world wonder, but somehow they drowned in the pool of countless other bands that couldn’t really get off the ground.

On September 1987 debuted with a 4-tracks EP titled “Mama Kin”, followed by many live gigs with a minor success. On August 1989 the band released a 3-tracks single titled “Magenda” and a year they released their second EP titled “Gambler” via Transistor Records and produced by Kiyoto Tsuda. Definetely the guitar work is the big highlight on this record with rough and fast riffs. The opening “Blue Jeans Lady” has a wondeful melody that will drifting you, the slower “Don’t Tell Good-Bye” and “South Peggy” cross between sleazy and southern are the stand out tracks. Very rare album and worth a search if you collect stuff like that…



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