M.T. Fuji – Human Transport [1983]

8434691812_0653698cc9Country Japan            Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 85/100

Band Members “Soul Toul” Munetaka Higuchi – Drums, Akira Takasaki – Guitar, Masayoshi Yamashita – Bass, Masanori Sasaji – Keyboards, Minoru Nihara,Misako Honjoh – Chorus, Nobuo Yamada – Vocals

Tracks 01. Wonder Land, 02. Cosmic Dance, 03. Photograph, 04. Missing Blue, 05. Dry Sand, 06. Samadhi, 07. In The Up Shot, 08. Crying Out

[ca_audio url_mp3=”http://melodic-hardrock.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Wonder-Land.m4a” url_ogg=”” skin=”regular” align=”none”]

Profile The real deal here. Holy grail of all Loudness related records. The only ever released album(no CD was issued) by this infamous Loudness side project band. If you’re a serious Loudness collector or fan, you probably have heard of M.T. Fuji. M.T. Fuji were a very short lived supergroup and side-project of Loudness featuring all of the members of Loudness as well as added members of other successful 80’s Japanese heavy metal bands in its lineup including Misako Honjoh, and Nobuo Yamada of Make-Up. In 1983 they released their only album Human Transport and following its release the project ceased to exist with its members returning their attention to their main bands. Each member had nick names when in M.T. Fuji.

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M.T. Fuji - Human Transport [1983], 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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