Lix – Lix [1988]

LIX_STCountry USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 74/100

Band Members Paul “Turk” Henry – Vocals, Tony Marsh – Guitar, Bruce Adams – Guitar,vocals, Stacy Shew – Bass,vocals, Mike Reiner – Drums,vocals

Tracks 01. Out On The Street, 02. Be What You Want To Be, 03. On Hold, 04. Overdrive, 05. Angelaine, 06. Witchlein (Tommyknockers), 07. Want Me Love Me, 08. She’s So Nice Long Way Home, 09. Guardians, 10. All The Way, 11. On The Radio

Profile As this is originally an album from 1988, you can tell that there’s ample reference to the eighties metal scene, a la Ratt, Rough Cutt, Keel etc., but for me it’s a decent Melodic Hard Rock with a few catchy tunes. The production’s horrible but i’ve heard worse. The track “On the Radio” is cool song. Surely, Lix should not be compared to that mega-selling, hyped groups of that age (you know who I mean…), but their music is true, honest – and pure fun!!!


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Lix - Lix [1988], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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One Response to “Lix – Lix [1988]”

  1. Bill Wren says:

    I was searching through the internet and this album crossed my mind.I was a part of this scene back in the 80,s.I sang on stage with Lix a few times.I was friends with these guys,I actually heard the remaster of this album and it sounds a lot better.should have been used on this web page.I Love on Hold glad they chose this song.I haven’t heard it in so Long great song.Yes it’s gonna sound 80’s but that’s not a bad thing.Music was always cool from that era.I am still amazed tho that this album was cut on a 4 track.I know a lot of people don’t know that so i think for what it was it’s amazing.4 tracks sucks and this production kicks ass for a 4 track trust me.thanks for posting,haven’t heard it in years.Kick ass guys

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