LePore – Mysteries of Love [1992]


Country USA         

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 85/100

Band Members Louie LePore – Guitar, Vinny LePore – Bass, Gregg Jamison – Vocals, Nick Boivin – Kyboards,vocals, Kenny Hasty – Guitar, Keith Cronin – Drums

Tracks 01. Hold On (04:30), 02. Don’t Walk Away (04:07), 03. Live or Die (05:02), 04. Only the Lonely People (04:20)

Profile Short lived rock band from Florida lead by guitarist/vocalist Louie LePore. “Mysteries of Love” is the only record of the band released in 1992 and recorded at Louie LePore’s studio. The mini album contains 4-tracks full of melodies and catchy tunes. The opening song “Hold On” is the highlight of the album started with great keys blend perfectly with harmony riffs and melodious vocals exploded to a catchy chorus reminds the great period of the 80s sound.

In the same vein continue “Don’t Walk Away” with hard edge riffs, pompus keys and one more catchy tunes with great backing vocals. “Live or Die” is a midtempo rockin’ tune with good guitar work and bass line and the mini album closing with the heartfelt ballad “Only the Lonely People”, a touchy song with great keys blend perfectly with passionate vocals from Gregg Jamison. Private release and extremely rare to be found…


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LePore - Mysteries of Love [1992], 9.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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2 Responses to “LePore – Mysteries of Love [1992]”

  1. Patrick says:


    Can you please share this mini album?


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  2. Louie Lepore says:

    Love all my fans keeping the dream alive

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