Le Baron Boys (Europe) – Le Baron Boys [1990]

ROCKPARATUSOIDOSEurope - Le Baron BoysCountry Sweden

Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Joey Tempest – Vocal, Kee Marcello – Guitars, John Levén – Bass, Mic Michaeli – Keyboards, Ian Haugland – Drums

Tracks 01. Here Comes the Night, 02. Blame It on Me, 03. Break free, 04. Homeland, 05. Long time comin’, 06. Sweet love child, 07. Wanted man, 08. Yesterday’s news, 09. Bad Blood, 10. Stranded, 11. Rainbow Warrior, 12. Seventh Sing, 13. Little Bit of Lovin’, 14. Wild Child, 15. Don’t Know How to Love Nomore, 16. Talk to Me

Profile Very rare Le Baron Boys demo session, recorded between 1989-1990. This was the follow up to the desert island world beater The Final Countdown without John Norum who had left the band after being told he wasn’t needed to help write the songs, and at the time the band were taking a more keyboard oriented approach to his obvious disliking. Oddly enough this is as close as Europe came to ‘heavy metal’ and certainly this is full of guitars and has little melodic keyboard influence and for that reason the Europe management rejected it.

Joey Tempest was told to go away and write another anthem (The Final Countdown esque) to which he came up with what would soon be the title track for the new album; Prisoners in Paradise. The recording has most probably been transferred from audio cassette to CD many times and it’s a bit fuzzy but this is certainly very unique and a side of Joey we would never see again. It’s very raw sounding and certainly it’s interesting to ponder what this would have been like in finished form.



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Le Baron Boys (Europe) - Le Baron Boys [1990], 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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