Lazy – Spaceship Earth [1981]

hvbjzczCountry Japan          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 80/100

Band Members Munetaka Higuchi – Drums, Hiroyuki Tanaka – Bass,vocals (#8),  Akira Takasaki – Guitar,vocals (#2) Shunji Inoue – Keyboards, Hironobu Kageyama – Vocals

Additional Musicians Kiyoshi Nagahama – Synthesizer

Tracks 01. Dreamer (4:59), 02. Dreamy Express Trip (4:32), 03. Tenshi Ga Mitamono Wa (4:55), 04. Time Gap (3:59), 05. Harukanaru Mother Land (2:58), 06. Earth Ark (4:03), 07. Bokura No Kunidemo (5:27), 08. Utsukushii Yokan (4:57), 09. Lonely Star (5:52)

Profile Lazy was a powerful Osaka based rock band, formed around 1973 by young classmates Hironobu Kageyama, Hiroyuki Tanaka and Akira Takasaki while they taken their name from Deep Purple’s album “Machine Head”. In February 1977 the band appeared on ABC TV in the “Hello Young”, the performance of Deep Purple “Burn” where they get an invitation to write their debut album. The same year they moved to Tokyo for their debut album moved in more poppy paths.  The band members started writing and recording their own music, slowly changing the sound of the band from easy-listening pop rock to hard rock.”Spaceship Earth” is the band’s fifth album with a harder sound still melodic but more powerful with memorable songs, but this was against of what their fans wanted.

 A growing dissatisfaction for the direction the band had taken, and the need to express their musical ability, caused Lazy to split-up in 1981. Indeed that album is one the best Japanese hard rock album from the early with tight production and strong arrangements. Akira Takasaki formed Loundness playing the music that he really like and want it. 20 years after recording their first single, Lazy reunited to record  “Happy Time” in the studio, with a decidedly different sound than they used to have. “Happy Time” is a collection of new songs, plus some rather energetic covers of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love” and “Sealed with a Kiss” by Simon and Garfunkel.


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