Lady’s First – 911 [2006]

Country Slovenia          Style Hard Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members
Domen Guzelj – Vocals, Simon ÄŒarman – Bass, Miha Plesničar – Drums, Miha Oman – Guitar, Toma Frelih – Guitar

01. 911, 02. Criminal, 03. Way of the Old, 04. Lady, 05. Nisi Ti, 06. LF, 07. Prazna Cesta, 08. High Machine, 09. The Game


Group’s First Lady is coming to Bled. Time of its inception dates back to the distant year of 1998, when the Bled Gleam Art Club gather founding members Andrew, Robert and Nat. In the month of May is joined by vocalist Domen Guzelj – Guzi and group donning First Lady’s name. In this occupation group operates two months, then joined by another guitarist Tomaz Frelih. In this occupation group works until 2001, when it leaves the bassist Nat. Group quite some time looking for a bass player, but in between them to help bassists from other groups. Help them with Bicek the group Supernova and its team play quite some time.

In 2003, the group happens a new replacement. Leave her guitarist Andrew and looking for a new guitarist starts. Assume the role of guitarist Miha Oman, a former member of the band Alcohollica and group work normally again.  The group this year also comes to changing the drummer, so Robi replaced Miha Plesnicar, also a former member of Alcohollice. The group then funkcijonira in this band by mid-2004, when the hard-working and recording of the album Supernova leaves Jure Bicek. Searching for a new bass player took some time. After three weeks, joined the former bassist Simon Alcohollice Carman – Care. Finally, get the First Lady’s permanent ensemble and in 2006 issued their debut album “911”, which are added two music video. This period was very productive and the group sets out on a demo tour cheese Slovenian stages. During this period, the Group had over 40 concerts a year, so her concert experience no shortage of .

In 2007, Slovenia hosted the Paul DiAnno the first lead singer of Iron Maiden, which First Lady’s choice of support act in their concerts. But that would not have ended the year with no problems, make bassist Care, which by its relationship to other members of the group forced to drop it from the group. Lady’s First find a new bassist Aaron, who comes from Postojna, who has played only a few gigs. Group at the turn of 2008/09, leaving Buco, Flešo and Aaron. In mid-2009, LF Buh join George on bass, Ales Korosec on drums and Ales Blaznik on guitar. So First Lady’s already in the same year continues performances by Slovenian stages.

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