Klaus Klang – Highrise [1990]

434t44Country Belgium

Style Hi-Tech AOR/Pop/Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members Klaus Klang – Vocals,guitars,keyboards, Christian Martin – Bass, Eric Melaerts – Guitars

Tracks 01. Highrise (3:55), 02. Water (4:20), 03. Worlditturnsaround (4:40), 04. Cities on Fire (4:25), 05. Transit Ostend (4:35), 06. Soul Water (4:35)

Profile Klaus Klang, real name Claude Ongena is a musician from Brussels, Belgium, started as a drummer in the punk band X-Pulsion, while in 1980 Klang won a talent contest by the Dutch music magazine Hitkrant, which led to a record deal with the Dutch label Backdoor released two album under the name of Klang in 1981 and 1982. In 1986 he appeared with the single “Soul Thing” and in 1991 he released the mini album “Highrise” for the Rainland label. The album offers you 6 brilliant songs that come along with a cool, well arranged Hi-Tech sound, catchy hooklines and a crystal clear production.

 Opener “Highrise” reminds  immediately of Mr. Mister meets Tim Feehan, while “Water” (that comes along with excellent harmony vocals) sounds a bit like Visitors. “World It Turns Around” is a keyboard-based, great ballad, while “Cities On Fire” again brings Mr. Mister to mind,  a cool uptempo song with cool Hi-Tech elements, massive keyboards and a memorable hookline, you’ll sing along even when the song is already over. If you like artists like Mr. Mister, Tim Feehan, Visitors, Chris Irvine and Vince Cardillo, check it.


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