Kimball/Jamison – Kimball/Jamison [2011]

KIMBALL_JAMISON_STCountry USA          Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 85/100

Band Members
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars,Lead Guitars, Bobby Kimball – Vocals, Jimi Jamison – Vocals, Jimmy Kresic – Keyboards, Martin Schmidt – Drums,Percussion, Mat Sinner – Bass

01. Worth Fighting For, 02. Can’t Wait For Love, 03. Sail Away, 04. Chasing Euphoria, 05. Find Another Way, 06. Get Back In The Game, 07. I Did Everything Wrong, 08. Shadows Of Love, 09. Hearts Beat Again, 10. We Gotta Believe, 11. Kicking And Screaming, 12. Your Photograph

Profile Once again, “Frontiers” records brings together two AOR titans in one incredible melodic rock project; the original voice of “Toto”, Boby Kimball and the iconic frontman of “Survivor” Jimi Jamison join forces in an album that needs no title beyond the band-name “Kimball-Jamison”. Songwriting-wise the project features contributions by the best contemporary and seasoned songwriters of the scene inclduing Robert Sall (“Work of Art”) who composed the two video singles of the album, Jim Peterik (“Survivor”) , Erik Martenson (“Eclipse”), John Waite and Henrik Wikstrom amongst others.

The line up features beyond the two singers, bassist Mat Sinner, guitarist Alex Beyrodt, keyboardist Jimmy kresic and drummer Martin Schmidt. Now, Sinner and Beyrodt are mostly known as memebrs of the power metal group “Primal Fear” which should not put anyone off, as these guys can litterally handle any subgenre of rock music whether that is the vintage blues rock of “Voodoo Circle” or previous duet album highlights as “Kiske Sommerville” which was produced and written for the biggest part by Sinner. On “Kimball Jamison” their role is restricted to performing the innstruments while Mat is also in charge of production. As a whole “Kimball Jamison” sounds more like a “Survivor” album with elements of “Work of Art” rather than a “Toto” album. The album is filled with direct, uncomplicated melodic rockers; subsequently “Kimball Jamison” includes none of the jazzy-experimental musical texture of “Toto”.

Finally coming to the protagonists of the album, there is little that has not yet been adressed on preceding reviews, while bearing in mind that most fans of the genre know the two vocal giants all to well. Simply both Jimi and Boby deliver forceful performances surrounded by such comfort and ease which you would demand from veterans of the genre. Still one has to agree that Jamison tends to obscure Kimball’s overall performance which is not really a matter of production; one simply gets the impression that the voice of “Survivor” sings more lines per songs than the “Toto” co-founder.

Conclusively if you enjoyed such melodic projects as “Kiske Sommerville”, “Allen Lande” or consider yourself a long-term fan of the bands mentioned above, “Kimball Jamison” is nothing less than essential for your collection.

Kimball Jamison pic

Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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