Kaskad – My Way [1987]

Country Russia

Style Hard Rock

Rating 84/100

Band Members Sergey Shipilov – Vocals, Vladimir Taranenko – Guitars, Vladimir Belenko – Bass, Alexander Kosorunin – Drums, Kirill Lesipov – Keyboards

Tracks 01. Мой путь, 02. Я бегу, 03. Поиграй со мной гроза, 04. Иней на стекле, 05. Звёздный путь, 06. Свечи, 07. Я иду к тебе на встречу, 08. Осколки разбитой любви, 09. Незнакомка, не уходи, 10. Белые птицы, 11. Разве не так?

Profile Kaskad hailed from Pskov formed in 1979 by Kirill and Vladimir who played together since 1978. The band played a very interesting Hard and Heavy tunes with strong vocals, lots of harmonies and penetrating keys. Many concerts, often under painful conditions from Moscow to the far end of Siberia, will be right because of the cohesion of the group that separates. In 1982 they released their first work with a heavier approach than the 1987 release melled to be the band’s last work. In 1988 member of Kaskad formed the band Academia.

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Kaskad - My Way [1987], 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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