Kamikaze – Kamikaze [1990]

PhotobucketCOUNTRY: Brazil          STYLE: Hard Rock

RATING: 82/100

Gustavo Duarte – Bass, João Guimarães – Drums, Reginaldo Silva – Guitars, Guilherme Bizotto – Vocals

01. Jogo Sujo (04:23), 02. Blues De Ninguém (04:33), 03. Guerra Do Pó (04:15), 04. Viva Por Você (03:52), 05. Machado De Guerra (05:30), 06. Hey Amigo (03:25), 07. Roleta Russa (05:31), 08. You Can Blow It With Your Fingers (04:30)


The Kamikaze is one of the best rock bands of Brazil came from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais formed back in 1984, bring influences as hard rock of the 1970s, releasing until now four albums. kamikaze was on top of the other bands of the era worked for made a sound and without missing a beat, the groove and fury. 

In 1986 their first EP came out and five years later they released their first album shows why the Kamikaze was one of the most successful survivors of the so-called generation 80s. Without boring display timidity of some groups or petulance sterile fake veterans, the group makes a rock blood, virulent, where the decibels work in favor of music, an amazing balance.

The Kamikaze does not keep in your pocket or inconsequential modernisms posture rent. Live rock freshness with the ’70s, the technology of the 80s and honest attitude that seems to direct the art and life of 90. Basic training – bass, drums, guitar, vocals – does not allow cheap tricks. It’s playing right without wandering and seamless integration of parts. And with the talent of four, this is easy.

The powerful voice of William Bizotto ahead, dueling guitar Reginaldo Silva won solid support from low Gustav striking and battery experienced João Guimarães. Be the MMA denouncing the dirty game of power (Leatherheads), the noisy urban warfare (War Axe – War Powder) or announcing pleasures of music (Blues for Nobody), the Kamikaze shows that have style and that is in right way. 


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