Jonathan Cain – Back To The Innocence [1995]


Country USA         

Style AOR/Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members Jonathan Cain – Vocals, piano, keyboards, bass, acoustic guitar, Steve Smith,Mugs Cain – Drums, Lyle Workman – Guitars, mandolin, Mario Cippalina,Glenn Letsch,Myron Dove – Bass, Sandy Cressman,Jenny Meltzer, Becky West, Annie Stocking, Marisa Kerry, Lora Leigh Christiansen – Backing vocals

Tracks 01. Wish That I Was There With You, 02. Waiting on the Wind, 03. Something Sacred, 04. Full Circle, 05. Back to the Innocence, 06. Little River, 07. Faithfully, 08. Just the Thought of Losing You, 09. Women Never Forget, 10. My Old Man, 11. Distant Shores, 12. When the Spirit Comes, 13. Baptism Day

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Profile Jonathan Cain is a phenomenal songwriter. He has written for many aritists in the musical industry: Cher – Starting Over, Kenny Rogers – Thought of Losing You, Jimmy Barnes – Too Much Love Ain’t Enough, Michael Bolton – Wait On Love, too name a few. Journey was cut down in their PRIME! So, what remains are songs that were written for JRNY, but, landed with other artists. This CD included.

This album by Jonathan Cain is a splendid effort, and a stark departure from Journey. This is the reason I love this project so much; Cain did not attempt to duplicate the sound of Journey on this record. He went his own way, and he did an absolutely wonderful job in the process!

I love every single song on this CD. There is an incredible sense of longing and yearning in the forlorn-type thread that runs through each recording. The lyrics are magnificent: “There’s no love that could ever take the place of me and my old man. A father’s son is coming home to stay to the one who understands.”

“Waiting on the wind, driftin’ on still waters. When it seems my life’s on hold and I don’t know where I’m goin’, I pray the tradewinds will find my ship in order. It’s the silence and uncertainty that make me look within. Till I find from where I’ve been I’m just waiting on the wind.”

Blissful piano, a joyous band, and heart-rendering poetry from a consummate musician and, might I add, an accomplished singer. I love best to play this CD in the autumn. “Back to the Innocence” will be one of my top 5 albums for the rest of my life!

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