Joleen – Joleen [1988]

C1_13338bfbb830f1c2387f3005d5f389ddountry USA

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 83/100

Band Members Joleen – Vocals, Rusty Anderson,Dean Parks,Michael Thompson – Guitars, Dennis Belfield,Jennifer Condos,Jimmy Haslip – Bass, Joey Carbone,Karen Childs,Bill Meyers – Keyboards, Armand Grimaldi,Art Wood – Drums, Dan Higgins – Saxophone, Beth Anderson,Chris Farren,Rupert Holmes,Andrea Robinson,Joe Turano – Backing vocals

Tracks 01. Tokyo Girl, 02. Heaven Knows, 03. To Each his Own, 04. Touch and Go, 05. Straighaway, 06. When Sparks Fly, 07. Perfect World, 08. You don’t know the City, 09. The Traveller’s Song

Profile Few female AOR albums satisfy as completely as this one by Joleen. If the mere thought of Zahalan, Romeo’s Daughter and 80s Heart make your heart skip a beat, then add Joleen to your list. Better yet, take a listen to “Heaven Knows” to check the quality of this magnificent record. I’m sure this mid-tempo slice of “heaven” will win you over faster than anything I could type here. Only released on an indie Japanese label (DUO Records) back in 1988. 

The first track of “Tokyo Girl” is the number that was used also in commercial Fuji Xerox on television, is the number that was recorded No.1 in Oricon of Western chart of September 1988, penned by Joey Carbone, it is a highly energetic perky as it Joey Carbone seems hit potential in pop number, while the second song of “Heaven Knows” sound like Wall of Sound of Phil Spector style a pretty good track. Another highlighted song come with “When Sparks Fly” a pop number of medium-tempo, you can listen the cutting guitar solo of parentheses of Michael Thompson. An album that worth your attention at all…


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Joleen - Joleen [1988], 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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