James Anderson – Strangest Feeling [1982]

Country USA

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 83/100

Band Members James Anderson – Vocals, Steve Hardwick,Rick Hinkle – Guitars, Paul Davis – Keyboards,backing vocals, Doug Bare,Alan Feingold – Keyboards, Benny Rappa – Drums, Barry Dunaway – Bass, Ed Seay,Carole Vito – Backing vocals

Tracks 01. Can’t fake it, 02. She’s got you runnin, 03. Strangest feeling, 04. One way love, 05. Is she, 06. Who loves you, 07. Big bird, 08. The beach, 09. Loose again, 10. Life saver

Profile Debut album by James Anderson came out in 1982 from Kat Family Records, produced by well known singer Paul Davis. Strong and classy AOR album. Nice keyboards and good guitars as well. The album doesn’t sound dated today largely due to clean and professional production. Sometimes it’s more west-coastish and sometimes more AORish, what makes this album more likable to melodic rock lovers. If you like artists like John O’Banion, David Roberts and David Pack check it out.

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