Ithica – Ithica [1997]


Country USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 78/100

Band Members

01. Ball ‘N’ Chain (03:04), 02. Doesn’t Shock me (04:07), 03. Kiss my Whisper (03:35), 04. Cindy’s Song (04:26), 05. Chasin’ a Dream (02:32), 06. Chasin’ (03:58), 07. Don’t you Know (03:24), 08. Face the Fire (06:01), 09. Ho Home (03:04), 10. Fearing Father Time (02:05)

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Profile Private Self-Release in 1997. Terrific hard rock indie album released independently by this amazing band from AZ/United States. The entire album contains dynamic guitar-driven Hard Rock  song packed with groovy, sometimes catchy, effective tunes and a strong rhythm section, an excelent mixture of J-Train, Harpo, Bad Mouth, Illegal, Smokey Bandits, Riizer, Montazh and Slash Puppet. Highly recommended and ultra rare indie!!!



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