IRA – 1993 ROK [1993]

PhotobucketCOUNTRY: Poland          STYLE: Hard Rock

RATING: 81/100


Artur Gadowski – Vocals, Kuba Plucisz – Guitar, Piotr Lukaszewski – Guitars, Piotr Sujka – Bass, Tomasz Bracichowicz – Keyboards, Wojtek Owczarek – Drums


1. 1993 rok, 2. Sen, 3. Sex, 4. Woodstock, 5. Wiara, 6. Szatan, 7. Ona, 8. Deszcz, 9. Taki jestem, 10. Zew krwi, 11. Podróż, 12. Wyznanie


United, missed opportunity. Several revolutionary ideas, combined with some average. It could be a great album, and it is just very good.

In comparison to the previous album took place here some changes. Definitely for the better. From hard rock radio, the men slowly move to heavier, more metallic sound. Opening the album after a short intro track Dream is quite overpowering force. Phenomenal, riff heavy, aggressive and somewhat dark vocals Gadowski, the truest heavy metal. Satan also impressive with a much faster pace and ruthlessly cutting guitars. He is even lighter, but very nice .. i played Woodstock Unfortunately, the best compositions start to finish. Perhaps even more than sex, which is like an attempt to repeat the success of Take me, but I have been here such as music and text begin to lose banality.

In the category of good tracks can not forget the ballads. Faith introduced to a new group of instruments – piano. Same song, although a good dose of pathos, great part of a unique Polish rock romanticism of the early 90’s. Even more interesting is, however, rain, with nice blues licks and a good solo.

Unfortunately, the other songs do not live up to high levels of the above. No idea and lack of decisiveness. Melodies are less hit, and instead we get nothing in return. The team certainly develops instrumentally, we find here some cool riffs and licks. The album is also more diverse. All this makes the album even though everything is valuable, and certainly good. But it could have been much better.

Another issue is the page text. My house was not in this respect, particularly refined, but avoiding the obvious mistakes. Here, unfortunately, sometimes we deal with cruel graphomania. Particularly stands out here Sex and Satan. On the other hand we have a good level of lyricism, as in protest songu Faith or excellent in all respects Dream.

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IRA - 1993 ROK [1993], 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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