Intuition – Turn It On [1994]

Country USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 86/100

Band Members Andrew J. Dezarn – Bass,Backing Vocals, Chris McCoy – Keyboards,Backing Vocals, Dave Messenger – Guitars,Backing Vocals, Dean Jason – Vocals,Guitars, Myke Snyder – Drums

Additional Musiacians Michael Leigh – Backing vocals, Dave Barber – Solo on “Outta Love”, Eric Turner – Drums on “Goin’ Crazy”

Tracks 01. Southside (4:04), 02. Hearts Of Fire (3:47), 03. Goin’ Crazy (3:23), 04. Don’t Let Me Go (5:57), 05. Outta Love (4:09), 06. In Love Again (4:39), 07. Jaquline (2:36), 08. Heartless (3:31), 09. Turn It On (4:11), 10. Don’t Let Me Go (Piano/Vocal Version) (6:02), 11. Night By Night (4:40)

Profile Intuition formed in Baltimore Maryland 1991. This five piece band was one of the strongest, yet silent bands in the area. Dean and Ronni would slave away for hours a day crafting and writing songs like mad men. Ronni would just sit around and play riff after riff while Dean plucked the coolest ones and put them together to write words over.

Then entered Chris McCoy (Keys) the writing not only became easier, but he polished the music they already created and added some great writing contributions on his own. In 93′ the band was being sought heavily by Mecury/Polygram Records and in the uproar of “Grunge”. The record label thought they wouldn’t have a place in the music market by the time they got our demos completed for submission. So they went into the studio and made the album themselves.

Dean and Ronni producing along with a lot of assistance and criticism from engineer Dave Barber, They finished and released TURN IT ON in early 94′. Everything about this CD screams major label quality, from the production to the songs to the look of the cover. The only thing these guys lack is your typical “we got screwed over by our record company” story. Why? Because Intuition never saw the inside of Warner or Sony’s corporate offices. That’s right- these guys released this indie gem in 1994, when only “losers”, “creeps” and “slackers” were getting signed. Intuition play a much more energetic style, with none of the moody, head-hung-low influences of the mid 90s.

These guys would have been part of a excellent triple bill, alongside Danger Danger and Trixter! Hailing from Maryland, yet sounding like downtown New Jersey, fans of Lancia, Bon Jovi and Slyboyz will also eat these guys up without a fork! All you need are two ears, a loud stereo and an appreciation for the finer things in rock! The backing vocals are massive- the lead vocals are flawless- the band has the killer glam look- the production is unmatched- and every song has a sound that’ll leave fans of early Danger Danger / early Bon Jovi and Tour De Force in hard rock heaven!

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Intuition - Turn It On [1994], 8.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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