Romeo’s Daughter

Since 2008 arguably the most iconic female fronted AOR band of the United Kingdom, Romeo’s Daughter has re-emerged. With their two classic albums reissued and a new all-original studio album already a year in the market it was due time that we contacted the band to get the latest from the Romeo’s Daughter camp.


N. Skoumas: It has been over a year since your latest studio album Rapture was released internationally; what has the market reaction been so far?

L. Matty: The response has been really good to Rapture – it has made a few ‘album of the year’ competitions and the 1st single ‘ Bittersweet’ made the ‘top tracks of the year’ in Classic Rock magazine

N. Skoumas: How would you describe the sound of Rapture in comparison to you self-titled album and Delectable?

L. Matty: I think that Rapture has kept the ‘essence’ of the early albums but is a bit more sophisticated in its lyrical content – we have all grown up over the past 18 years and different experiences have shaped us so we have tried to tell those stories as truthfully as possible! We didn’t think there was any point in releasing an album after all this time that was so far removed from what we were about in the 80’s that people wouldn’t recognize us, but we also wanted to show that we had matured musically

N. Skoumas: In the past five years both albums of your back catalogue have been re-issued by Rock Candy Records. What are your thoughts on these re-issues? 

L. Matty: I think that both the re-issues were fantastic – I especially liked the 1st one as the booklet was very detailed – Craig and I did work with Candy Records to make sure that they got all the correct info and we were very happy with the outcome. It also reminded people about us again which was great!

N. Skoumas: How close are we in getting a fourth studio album by Romeo’s Daughter; and knowing the strength of the band as a live act, have you or would you consider releasing a live concert DVD at some point?

L. Matty: We are actually already recording demos for the 4th studio album – we have been working on the tracks for the last couple of months and are very excited about recording and releasing it next year. We are also going to be filming a live DVD but not until next year as we have got quite a busy time coming up with a big festival in Aug and a headline tour in September

N. Skoumas: Promo videos were a major assent in marketing albums/artist during the ‘80s and ‘90s and Romeo’s Daughter are credited for having some of the greatest promo videos in AOR. What would you say is the role of the promo video in the contemporary scene? Is it still that big a factor in marketing an album or band?

L. Matty: Thank you for that – we did make quite a few in the 80’s when MTV was the most important station to be played on, but things have changed drastically since then, especially for bands like us. The videos that are being made now are mainly for social media sites and Youtube and are accessible to everyone who has a computer – because of that, anyone can make one and post it online so it has opened up the market in a huge way! Our videos in the 80’s cost so much money to make but our last one didn’t cost £1 as we filmed it all on our iphones! I think it is fantastic how artists and bands without deals can just make their own records and videos and have complete control over where they are played and what they look like – it’s about time!!

N. Skoumas: Since their reformation Romeo’s Daughter have been pretty active with regards to live shows and have performed at Firefest VI of 2009. In your opinion is Firefest the gig that takes bands of the genre to the next level or is it simply a festival celebrating melodic rock in general?

L. Matty: Firefest was great for us as it was only after playing together after such a long time that we realized how much we had missed it! In general though, I think that it is just a great festival that has bands on from the past which is what a lot of people in the UK want to see – not all of them stay together after the gig and I am also not sure how many other festivals there are that would have old bands play so am not sure if it takes bands to the next level

N. Skoumas: What are your thoughts on the current melodic rock/AOR scene in the United Kingdom and the international female-fronted AOR genre?

L. Matty: I think that the current AOR scene in the UK is alive and well which is fantastic news for us! I don’t know very much about the international female-fronted AOR genre but I am sure that there are some great girl vocalists out there – there were so few of us in the 80’s as it was always seen as a male orientated genre

N. Skoumas: Are there any touring plans for Romeo’s Daughter in 2013 and are there any member’s side projects that we should know of?

L. Matty: Yes, there are! We are playing at the Fairport/Cropredy festival in the UK on the 8th Aug ( on the same day a Alice Cooper!) and then we are playing 5 headline dates around the UK in later September and early October – the dates will all be on our FB page so please check them out

N. Skoumas: We would like to thank you for taking the time for this interview. Is there anything that we left out that you would want the fans to know?

L. Matty: Thank you so much for asking me to partake in your interview – we are all so very happy when we know that there is still an audience out there for Romeo’s Daughter – we love playing together and we hope to carry on for the foreseeable future!


– Romeo’s Daughter [1988]
– Delectable [1993]
– Rapture [2012]


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