Bai Bang

One of the longest running glam metal/melodic rock bands of Sweden, Bai Bang have just released their 7th studio album Around the World. With a ground-breaking predecessor in Livin’ my Dream many would be anticipating their next move. 


N. Skoumas: Bai Bang have just released their 7th studio album Around the World; How would you compare the sound of the new album to it predecessor Livin’ My Dream?

Diddi: Its more guitaroriented.The sound is clear.The vocals ar upfront in the mix together with the guitars

N. Skoumas: On the latest two albums Bai Bang have managed to add a very mainstream appeal to their characteristic riffs, melodies and harmonies. Was it a conscious decision to go for that modern quality or it just happened along the way?

Diddi: We have always into good riffs ,harmonies and great hooks. I think it all came down good  in the songwritings.

N. Skoumas: It is also important to note that Bai Bang have become a five-piece band with the addition of guitarist Jens Lundgren. How did this line-up addition come about and has it affected the sound of the band in any way?

Diddi: Two guitars are better than one!! I think its good to get the sound right with 2 guitars.Its good to have Jens in the band!!

N. Skoumas: All Around the World is the third Bai Bang studio album issued by AOR Heaven Records, what is your relationship like with the label?

Diddi: Very good label for us! They do a great job! But on the other hand we deliver a great album to them!!!

N. Skoumas: Being that just about every song on your latest two albums is a potential hit single have you at any point considered entering the Eurovision song contest? 

Diddi: It seems that popular contests of this kind have really enhanced the popularity of quite a few melodic glam rock bands including H.E.A.T The Poodles, Wig Wam, Stala &So. What are your thoughts on the topic?Well….if we got the chance ,yes ofcourse.Its a good media .Many people are looking at the programme.

N. Skoumas: Being that AOR Heaven have often re-issued albums in their Classix series, is there any chance of getting the Bai Bang back-catalogue re-issued? 

Diddi: Albums like Cop to Con, Enemy Lines, Ridin’ High and Attitude are becoming increasingly hard to find.Hopefully! That would be great! 

N. Skoumas: Bai Bang have been around since the late ‘80s and have been putting out albums throughout the ‘90s up to present. In retrospect how hard was it for a band to play melodic glam rock during the ‘90s?

Diddi: That  was pretty hard! Almost no label wanted to release our kind of music.But we struggled !Never gave up!!

N. Skoumas: Are there any touring plans for Bai Bang within 2013? And are there any side-projects you might be involved in that we should know about?

Diddi:  Yes! We have some great plans tba.Im no fan of sideprojects! To play in other bands than Bai Bang is nothing for me!!!Its ok to do so as long as you never forget that Bai Bang is the main band!!!

N. Skoumas: We would like to thank you for this interview, is there anything that we left out that you would want the fans to know?Thanks a lot!!!We hope to see you very soon!!! I hope you like the album All Aroud The World!

Diddi: Thanks a lot!!!We hope to see you very soon!!! I hope you like the album All Aroud The World!


– Enemy Lines [1988]
– Cop To Con [1991]
– Ridin’ High [1996]
– Attitude [2000]
– Are You Ready [2009]
– Livin’ My Dream [2011]
– All Around The World [2013]


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