Hywyre – Gig Money [1997]

r-6944191-1430075499-8746-jpegCountry USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 78/100

Band Members Joe Farmer – Vocals,guitar, Mike Stowe – Guitar,backing vocals, Mary Paulsen – Bass,backing vocals, Keith Schani – Drums,backing vocals

Tracks 01. 2 Inches to Madness (3:41), 02. Liar (3:40), 03. Outlaw (3:33), 04. All I Need (3:20), 05. C’mon People (3:55), 06. In My Veins (2:51), , 07. Told Me You Loved Me (2:53), 08. Heaven And Hell (2:51), 09. Rock N Roll Angel (5:08), 10. 1-900  (3:45), 11. Rock the Night (4:42)

Profile Super rare hard rock indie from Oshkosh, Wisconsin came out in 1997 from Rock Hard Records with incredibly low distribution numbers, sold at shows and at local record stores. The album having solid ripping guitars, hard slamming drums and nice mix of male and female harmonies. This band has harmonies and smooth, but hard driving Rock Metal and even tho it’s glossed up still has a rough edge to the production. If you like bands like Rock Boulevard, Forceps, Ram and White Eagle then try to find it.


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