Hunter – L.A. Crossfire [1987]

Country USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 86/100

Band Members
Brook Hansen – Keyboards, Dave Acashia – Bass, Michael Taris – Guitar, Stephen Hunter – Vocals, Vinnie Silver – Drums

01. Never Surrender, 02. L.A. Crossfire, 03. What Comes Around Goes Around, 04. One More Night On The Road, 05. Break Down The Walls, 06. Long Nights, 07. The Last Gunslinger, 08. Now That I Found You, 09. Where Do We Go From Here, 10. Hang On, 11. Don’t Put Out The Fire


Hunter was formed in 1985 by Keyboardist/Songwriter Brook Hansen formally of Nervous Energy and Boast, and drummer, Karl Raymond Witt. First named 21st Century, boasting styles ala Yngwie, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Kansas, soon recruited Guitarist Bart Hamilton Walsh(David Lee Roth) on Guitar, Dave Acaisha on Bass, and the late Clyde Holly (Biloxi) Lead vocals.

They started out in the garage  of Brook’s in Northridge Ca., that he converted into a studio. They later moved on to Muse recording studios. They had immediate industry attention because of their musicianship, stellar vocals and songwriting, but problems quickly arose between Bart and Karl and that lineup of Hunter quickly came to pass. Bart’s roommates at the time were John Alderete and Bruce Bouliet of the legendary band RACER X, So he asked their Drummer Scott Travis and bassist John Alderete to record on their demo as they secured a Spec deal at the Legendary Record Plant in Hollywood.

Eventually Bart moved on to join Paradise then Lancia to make way for one of his students to take his place. Michael J.Taris whom they knew from the Muse days(see Hunter story) and was the only one who could play the infamous “Hunters in the Night” solo which Bart used to say that it would have been a challenge for even Paul(Gilbert) to play, also the roommate of Brook’s, Dave Acaisha became their permanent bassist, as he an Mike had been in bands together called Taris and Acaisha.Those were some wonderful days.

They all shared Brook’s condo just down the street from the Country Club, and attended many great RACER X shows. They went through numerous vocalist’s over several years, until an ad in the music connection brought them to Russell Stevens, aka Stephen Hunter. They gigged relentlessly all over L.A. and by a chance meeting at Jerry’s Deli, Bobby Kimball Of TOTO came into their life to and offered to help produce and sing backing vocals on this album, as well as opening for his band.

If you like band in the vein of  Europe, Dokken, Warrant, and other many other successful commercial melodic rock bands of that era, then definetely this record must be in your collection.

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