Helot Revolt – In Your Face/Up Your Butt [1992]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members Daniel Savage, Jack Spittle, Alex Trust, John Maximum

Tracks 01. Bigotry Is Not Rebellion, 02. Shirts And Skins, 03. First Day On Earth, 04. I Like Marines

Profile Historic activist queercore heavy metal band Helot Revolt formed January 1991 in Los Angeles and played its first gig that month at a benefit for AIDS Healthcare Foundation hosted by Club Fuck! A reporter from Outweek magazine was in the crowd that night, and his rave review brought the band to instant national attention. The band first work titled “In Your Face/Up Your Butt” released in 1992 on De Stijl Records and produced by songwriter, vocalist and mastermind Jack Curtis Dubowsky. Their style has hard rock roots blend with punk and alternative elements, combine music, sexuality, performance art, activism and spectacular live shows.


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