Hedspin – First Time Around [1998]

fvgergeCountry Canada          Style Melodic Rock/Hard Rock

Rating 76/100

Band Members

01. Why Can’t you Feel, 02. Rememberred, 03. Knowing, 04. Feel Like Running, 05. Desicions, 06. Street Baby, 07. Peace,Freedom,Happiness, 08. Two Entwined, 09. Kiss me, 10. Memories, 11. Stay with your Heart

Profile With all guns blazing on rockin’ tracks like “Knowing”, “Memories” and “Feel Like Running” or more melodic AOR-ish numbers like “Remembered” and “Stay With Your Heart”, this album will appeal to a wide cross-section of rockers. Fans of Gun and Balaam & The Angel will find this one especially satisfying. Very rare, only released in Canada over 15 years ago now.

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