Heavy Pettin’ – Rock Ain’t Dead [1985]

Country United Kingdom          Style Hard Rock

Rating 85/100

Band Members
Brian Waugh – Bass, Gary Moat – Drums, Gordon Bonnar – Guitars, Punky Mendoza – Guitars, Steve Hayman – Vocals

01. Rock Ain’t Dead (4:01), 02. Sole Survivor (3:37), 03. China Boy (3:25), 04. Lost In Love (4:34), 05. Northwinds (4:00), 06. Angel (4:11), 07. Heart Attack (3:32), 08. Dream Time (5:05), 09. Walkin’ With Angels (3:34), 10. Throw A Party (4:13), 11. Crazy (Bonustrack) (3:15), 12. City Girl (Bonustrack) (4:19)


“Rock ain’t Dead” is the second studio album by British melodic hard rock band “Heavy Pettin”, originally released in 1985, reissued by “Majestic Rock” in 2003. Though often regarded as a NWOBHM group, “Heavy Pettin” actually debuted a year later in 1983; in addition the band brought to front a sound and image that hard more in common with American AOR and glam metal than British heavy metal.

In fact “Heavy Pettin”s melodic hard rock style has been further smoothened on this second album sounding incredibly similar to fellow UK melodic hard rockers “Shy”. You can expect over-produced rhythm section, melodic guitar lines (which turn into crystal clean chords during the power ballads), moderate use of background keyboards and high pitched, but overly melodic, vocals in the style of Tony Mills and Tony Harnell.

The line up features lead singer Hamie, guitarist Punky Mendoza and Gordon Bonnar, bassist Brian Waugh and drummer Gary Moat. In terms of songwriting “Heavy Pettin” is built on the same catchy hooks and rhythm patterns found on a “Def Leppard” album, though the delivery, as mentioned above, is far more rocking. “Rock ain’t Dead” holds a fair amount of powerful melodic rockers in “Heart Attack”, “China Boy”, the power ballads “Lost in Love” and “Dream time” and the super dramatic “Sole Survivor”-an unforgettable chorus by any means. Conclusively if you are a fan of the 80s melodic rock scene of the UK, “Heavy Pettin”s second album should work perfectly for you.

Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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