Haven – Haven [2001]

PhotobucketCOUNTRY: USA          STYLE: AOR

RATING: 83/100


Pamme – Lead vocals, Michael Brody – Bass, guitars, John Vanselow – Guitars, Matt Sorum – Drums, Robin McAuley – Backing vocals


01. The Curtain, 02. Can You Hear Us, 03. All I Ever Need, 04. Halfway Home, 05. Strange Premonition. 06. Face The Day. 07. Show Them, 08. The Road, 09. Hold On, 10. Someday Soon, 11. Be The One, 12. Forgiveness


The band plays a mix of mid tempo rockers with sultry heartbreaking ballads. The vocal power of Pamme is something to get AOR fans excited. The sound of the band and of Pamme herself most closely resembles fellow melodic AOR rockers Fiona and Robin Beck – with even more guts and raw emotion! Comparisons can also be made to Heart – especially with the musical direction and vocally also to the very cool Carol Decker of T’Pau. Any music fan with albums from these ladies in their collection needs to add Haven. I doubt you will be disappointed. The harmonies and backing vocals and song arrangements keep the listener interested and entertained throughout. I rate these guys above Dante Fox and Robin Beck.
There is a little room for further improvement in the production quality, but that will come with an expanded production budget. The delivery and passion of the songs far out weights any minor point there. This is a great album of emotion filled rock, with a great new discovery leading the way on vocals. The album has a varied pace – from melodic rockers to sultry pop to powerful emotion filled power ballads – all with a very AOR twist. For fans of female fronted melodic rock, there is a new Queen in town.

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