Harlan Cage – Double Medication Tuesday [1998]

Country USA          Style AOR

Rating 89/100

Band Members
Billy Liesegang – Guitars, Jamie Carter – Bass, L.A. Greene – Vocals, Guitars, Michael Lawrence – Drums, Roger Scott Graig – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

01. Blow Wind Blow (4:07), 02. Halfway Home (4:04), 03. Lola’s In Love (3:51), 04. Solitary Dance (3:38), 05. My Mama Said (3:54), 06. Dearborn Station (4:12), 07. Defend This Heart Of Mine (4:33), 08. Restless Hearts (3:22), 09. Lights Out For Losers (3:39), 10. As You Are (3:59), 11. Turn Up The Radio (4:03), 12. Joker On The Kings Highway (3:57), 13. No Turnin’ Back (Japanese Bonus Track) (4:13)


“Double Medication” Tuesday is the second studio album by British-American melodic rock band “Harlan Cage” originally released in 1998 by MTM music. “Harlan Cage” was the brain-child of keyboardist Roger Scott Craig joined by vocalist/guitarist L.A. Greene, guitarist Billy Liesegang, bassist Jamie Carter and drummer Michael Lawrence.

Harlan Cage play keyboard-guitar driven melodic rock/AOR with a fair amount of pomp induced in the arrangements/performances. Interestingly enough the keyboards add the basic harmonies on each song topped by the guitars which perform the melodic themes. So clearly, along with the vocals, there are three leading instruments that put together the sound of “Harlan Cage” which makes for more intense performances and memorable tracks.

One has to address that most songs on “Double Medication Tuesday” turn out to be fairly dramatic stories complemented instrumentally by minor melodies. Though direct and totally infectious, the second “Harlan Cage” album is far from an optimistic concept. Songs like “Halfway Home”, “My Mama Said”, “Defend this heart of mine”, “As you Are” and “Turn up the radio” stand as perfect validation of the artistic class of “Harlan Cage”. Of course, the experienced listener will be able to tell that the particular release is a late-90s album production-wise as the original CD might sound a tad thin, lacing the low/bass end. If you enjoy dramatic melodic rock with interesting twists and turns, indeed try “Double Medication Tuesday”.

Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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Harlan Cage - Double Medication Tuesday [1998], 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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