Gypsy – Twisted Levity [2014]

54ytryCountry India

Style Hard Rock

Rating 78/100

Band Members Soumalya Das – Guitars, Soumya Basu – Bass, Shibaji Bose – Drums, Sankalan Samaddar – Vocals, Swarnabha Gupta- Sitar

Tracks 01. Gimme your Load (2:59), 02. The Shoemaker (3:04), 03. New Boy in Town (3:16), 04. Turned into Stone (3:29), 05. Judgement Day (4:11)

Profile Gypsy are a 5 piece Hard Rock/Glam Metal act from Kolkata in the veins of Skid Row , Dokken, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Mr Big, Iron Maiden. India are all about worshipping their rock/guitar idols but they do it with a bit of a twist – they’ve employed the services of Swarnabha Gupta playing electric sitar, which is a traditional Indian instrument used primarily in Indian classical music. Expect a delectable, short but memorable slice of classic music, simplistic but charming compositions and oodles of attitude and solos. In this era where most bands are trying to out-kvlt each other, Gypsy’s music serves as a reminder of our roots and proves that even a bunch of humble, school-going kids can make you have fun.


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Gypsy - Twisted Levity [2014], 3.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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