Gygax – Critical Hits [2016]

rttrtrCountry USA

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 82/100

Band Members Eric Harris – Bass,vocals, Bryant Throckmorton – Guitars, Armand John Lizzy – Guitars, Justin Dempsey – Drums

Tracks 01. Lesser Magick (4:24), 02. Worldbreaker (3:42), 03. Draw Breath (4:16), 04. The Rope of Shadow (3:23), 05. Dirge for a Deposed Duke (Instrumental) (1:07), 06. Chain Lightning (2:44), 07. Demons (4:06), 08. Liliana (4:16), 09. The Hunter’s Heart (3:34)

Profile Gygax is a no-frills, classic rock/heavy metal hybrid, heavily steeped in the imagery of fantasy literature and role playing games, and rooted in the musical stylings of metallic ‘70s rockers Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple, with equal parts metal and boogie-inducing groove. Hailing from Ventura, California, Gygax was born out of the ashes of vocalist/bassist Eric Harris’ previous heavy-metal brainchild Gypsyhawk. Bryant Throckmorton, who played second guitar in Gypsyhawk also joins Harris in Gygax on guitar. The debut from Ggax, Critical Hits boasts nine feverishly triumphant burners backed by huge solos and even more massive choral melodies which come alive with a fuzzed-out and hazy attitude but immortalized with crystal clear production values on Critical Hits.


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Gygax - Critical Hits [2016], 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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