Gulliver – Ridin’ the Wind [1979]

R-4162758-1357350879-4711Country USA          

Style Pomp Rock/AOR

Rating 80/100

Band Members Dana Buck – Bass,Vocals, David Buck – Drums,Vocals, David Garron – Bells,Chimes,12 String,Electric Guitar,Vocals, John Weider – Guitar,Vocals

Tracks 01. Miracle Tonight (02:21), 02. Lovin’ a Dream (03:04), 03. Wonder of It All (03:04), 04. Bright Lights (03:55), 05. Ridin’ the Wind (04:58), 06. Danger in the Night (02:52), 07. Heartaches and Heartaches (03:59), 08. Wild Bells (03:34), 09. No Living Without You (03:19), 10.See It Comin’ (03:21)

Profile Formely known as Galaxy, Gulliver was a short lived Los Angeles based rock band formed in the late 1978, by talented multi-instrumentalist David Garron and guitarist Joe Weider who has previously being part of  Eric Burdon’s Animals and Family among others. The band play symphonic rock combined with pomp and pop elements, having easygoing guitar riffs, clean production, vocal harmonies and touchy tunes.

In 1979 via Columbia Records the band’s first album came out titled “Ridin’ the Wind” with the single “Wonder of It All”, while the album produced By Richie Wise, short enough after ending his work with the the two first albums of Kiss. No loud guitars on this one. Kind of Pop Pomp. If I do have to make a comparing… I might say Reo Speedwagon from Hi In-fidelity and after. With a touch of Styx/Dennis De Young here and there… without touching the classic stuff made by those two mentioned bands. Quite enjoyable anyway and worth a try if you find it…


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Rating: 9.4/10 (7 votes cast)
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Gulliver - Ridin' the Wind [1979], 9.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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2 Responses to “Gulliver – Ridin’ the Wind [1979]”

  1. Ugo Hoffstein says:

    I’m listening to the album just now and whilst the style of most of the music isn’t exactly my cup of tea i am very much enjoying the outstanding playing on offer.
    The lead guitarist in particular is incredibly good, very tasteful and melodic for the most part but his soloing is very individual indeed and pretty savage at times.
    Overall, the album is a little too saccharine sweet for me with the harmony vocals in particular smoothing over too many of the rough edges that i enjoy.
    Over the course of the album i’ve been reminded of Aviary, Starz, The Eagles and Todd Rundgren at various times, although these are merely vague reference points that my brain threw up, they don’t really sound like any of those bands for any length of time.
    If you stumble across it at a reasonable price, give ‘er a try, you might get more out of it than i, but it’s no lost classic, just a very well produced and played record that is very of it’s time, but lacks a little character that might have set Gulliver apart from their peers.

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  2. Burn Connor says:

    After searching for some info. about this band to see if anything had been reissued on compact disc, I felt compelled to post my thoughts about this only album. Definitely a lost recording from 79 that deserves mention from band that had some talent and the ability to write some radio friendly songs. They do have a guitar driven pompy soft melodic edge with a lot of harmonizing choruses, not really big hooks for the day but none the less, pleasing to listen to along with great lead vocals. I believe the combined synergy of this band could have carried them further. Had they had the opportunity for a follow-up who knows? This is as I remember it, still having the 8 track tape of which it has been awhile since and no longer can be listened to in this format. In my opinion, This was the time of a slightly new breed of Aor which had bands like New England, Big Star, Touch, Trillion, Toto, and many others coming onto the scene with endorsements and tours to back and promote a flurry of debut albums which spewed that huge hook-laden, cant get enough of, play it again hit .The result being some hit it, and for whatever reason, some did not. That does not diminish the fact that these were all very talented bands some of which did manage that one unforgettable song that never got the airplay which at any given moment can carry us back to a different time, one that can only be reached by a song. This band Gulliver was no exception. No big smash hits really and some of the songs may have been a little sweet, but what does it matter, this is what they did, and the music was good. If you like a polished production, good vocals, great musicianship with some bells here and there, take a stroll down memory lane and see if you can pull something out of the music. That’s what it’s about.

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