Gardian – Voyager and Fusion [2001]

ioiCountry USA

Style CCM Hard Rock/Melodic Heavy Metal

Rating 78/100

Band Members Paul Cawley – Lead vocals,guitars, David Bach – Bass guitars,synthesizers, Rikk Hart – Drums, James Isham – Lead guitar

Tracks 01. Instrumental Intro, 02. Voyager, 03. Across The Universe, 04. Run To The Light, 05. In A World Without Love, 06. I Am Here, 07. Prisoner Zone, 08. Look To The Future, 09. Hyperdrive, 10. When The Time Is Right, 11. Marching On, 12. Spiritual Warfare, 13. Miracle Of The Galaxy, 14. Living For The Promise, 15. Eclipse, 16. Rock In Victory, 17. Step To The Light, 18. Armored Defense, 19. Your Love Looks To The Future

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Profile The band was formed by Paul Cawley and David Bach in 1982. The original lineup included Paul and David with Steve Martinez on drums and Gene Thuston on lead guitar. This rare 19 track compilation was released in 2001 and only 1000 copies were pressed. This band changed their name to Guardian and went on to release a bunch of killer melodic rock albums. What you get is great melodic metal in the vein of Mass, Saint, and Bloodgood. 


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