Frozen Rose – Frozen Rose [1991]


Country USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 83/100

Band Members Mike Hancock – Vocals, Marshall Watkins – Bass, Arick Reeder – Guitars, Brad Dutton – Drums

Tracks 01. Inside the Crystal Ball (5:12), 02. Rev it up (3:02), 03. Cold Hearted Woman (4:56), 04. Frozen Rose (3:24), 05. Tale of a Thousand Years (5:47)

Profile Frozen Rose is a four member high-energy original rock act hailing from in and around Harrisburg, Illinois. The band is an unlikely congliomeration of members from two previous local bands “Broadway” and “Limozeen”, but truly represents some of the best musicianship available in the tri-state area.Their debut ep released in 1991 and produced by the band and Mike Hancock. Musically the band plays agreesive hard rock with some harmonies and a metal edge.

Mike Hancock’s hardedged vocal style can be describe as a mx of Paul McCartney, David Coverdale, Robert Plant and Ozzy Osbourne. Arick’s technical guitar wizardry among with bassist Watkins, whom could lay claim to being the illegitimate bastard son of Gene Simmons whose inspiration set Watkins off on his road to glory and the experience of drummer Dutton the newest member of Frozen Rose, set the base for a very promising record that worth your attention, althought the production is not the best and it is hard to be found.


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Frozen Rose - Frozen Rose [1991], 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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One Response to “Frozen Rose – Frozen Rose [1991]”

  1. Randy Cox says:

    It should be noted that the drummer on this EP is in fact not Brad Dutton, but a legendary southern Illinois skin basher who has since passed on, David Lee Vanhoy, R. I. P..
    Having been one of the many guitar players to enter and exit Frozen Rose,I know this information to be true from personal experience. In fact minus myself & vocalist Jeff Durbin, Frozen Rose was just Limozeen made over. However, their style was more commercially viable in our southern Illinois area then was Limozeens. Still a great band, not wanting to bash, just setting the record straight for all you true hard rock fans out there!
    Randy Cox

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