Freemasons – Forty-Eight Hours [1986]

wfweCountry USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Jimmy Richardson – Vocals,guitars, Mike Unsell – Bass, Todd Vanlierop – Drums

Tracks 01. See The Light, 02. Boy Into Man, 03. She’s A Bitch, 04. Steel Strings, 05. Wild Woman, 06. Crazy Boy, 07. Tumblin’ Down, 08. Whiskey Baby, 09. Talk To Me

Profile Mega rare domestic indie band from the West Coast whoo released this 9-track gem in 1986 from Eagles Flight Records. It was intended to be promoo record to secure a contract with a major label. However, the band spplit-up due to personal problems among the band. Rumor it was over a girlfriend. This is an incredible three pieces band who put an album that would have been a major release in the 80s. Te band also working on another album at the same year titled “Does Anybody Know” also released from Eagles Flight Records. Both records printed in 200 copies.


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