Fortress – Hands In The Till [1981]


Style Pomp Rock/AOR

Rating 81/100

Band Members Charlie Souza – Bass,Backing Vocals, Donny Vosburgh – Drums,Percussion, Eric Turner – Guitar,Backing Vocals, Jim West – Lead/Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians Gabriel Katona,Duane Hitchings,Rich Gibbs – Keyboards, Snuffy Walden – Acoustic guitar, Gary Falcone,Ronn Price – Vocals, Larry Brown – Percussion

Tracks 01. Back On The Path, 02. Breakin’ Free, 03. Carry Me Back, 04. Comin’ After You, 05. Hands In The Till, 06. How Do I Exist, 07. Kisses, 08. Let’s Do It Again, 09. Mystery, 10. Requiem

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Profile There are probably millions of bands out there all waiting for the chance to be discovered, thousands who will be signed but never see the inside of a recording studio and hundreds who manage to birth their first album only for it to be stillborn and for them to quickly disappear. Fortress was a Los Angeles-based band that released their debut album, “Hands In The Till”, in 1981. Proudly and unabashedly taking cues from Journey, Foreigner, and Rush, the album is 12 stabs at pure AOR glory–the embodiment of everything to which punk was a reaction.

However, the album is a winner in its enthusiastic embrace of trite radio rock. Ripe for head-banging sing-alongs, this is the sound of your older brother skipping school and hanging out at the lake.The vocalist is Really something special and the harmonies are all unexpected and excellent! Guitar leads are nailed and the drums and bass hold it all together just right. Sadly, like many other stunning examples, changes in the hierarchy at their label put paid to their dreams.


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