Fire With Fire – Fire With Fire [1991]


Style Hard Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members Alvin Roland – Drums,Percussion, Henny Escuchia – Bass,Backing Vocals, Rob Rivera – Keyboards,Backing Vocals, Tim Johnson – Vocals,Guitars, Todd Manley – Guitars,Backing Vocals

Tracks 01. Desperate, 02. Draw The Line, 03. In The Night, 04. Who’s To Blame, 05. Heartbreak Calling, 06. Sentimental, 07. Somehow, 08. Come On, 09. Free

Profile FIRE WITH FIRE is a hard rock band coming from Virginia Beach with one release came out in 1991 but in the wrong time cause of the godawful grunge explosion. Τhe band played the typical late 80s and early 90s hard rock with powerful vocals, great riffs and strong songs. The difference is that the band did not come to get a taste of success, the label simply decided not to release the album and shelved for a long time. Recently, perhaps because of the Rock to be on the rise again with several ’80s bands reuniting and touring the world, another label (Retrospect Records) released this disc. Highlights are the killer commercial rocker “Somehow”, the gratuitous soft ballad “Sentimental” and the rockin’ opening song “Desperate”. A good addition to collectors of 80s hard rock bands and bands like Slyboyz, Isom, Defcon and Valor…

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Fire With Fire - Fire With Fire [1991], 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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