Face To Face – Face to Face [1992]


Country France          Style Hard Rock/Melodic Metal

Rating 76/100

Band Members
Remy Laeron – Lead and backing vocals, Farid Miedjane – Drums, backing vocals, Fred Guillemet – Bass, backing vocals, Fabien Gevraise – Guitars, backing vocals, Gilles Veilleroy – Keyboards, backing vocals, Karine Lambert, Ralph Garrido – Backing vocals

1. Running From the Dealer, 2. State of Shock, 3. Devil’s Road, 4. Wanted, 5. Dark Lady, 6. People and Lands, 7. Boogie Nation, 8. Wasteland, 9. Take Me Away, 10. Hey Babe, 11. Face to Face, 12. Call Me,13. Missing You 

Profile FACE TO FACE present themselve very sparkling with the opener “Running From The Dealer”. High-class, really crispy cool Melodic Metal is thrown there around the ears. You want to hug the similar to Graham Bonnet singer which become fond of the heart. Then, unfortunately, after this extremely positive impression some simply knitted 08/15 rockers intervene the album. Sleaze-, Glam-, Hair-Metal – everything is messed up together.

The target group rejoices, the reviewer ruminate…Finally, with „Wasteland“, „Take Me Away“, „Face To Face“ and the final „Missing You“ the band presses once again in the melodic-metallic area. Fundamental a rather good album, larded, indeed, with some bad shapes which are made up, however, with a fat sound, good presentation, solidly rockin guitar works and an excellent singer!


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Face To Face - Face to Face [1992], 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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